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The centerpiece of our national recession has been job loss. Your family may be one of the millions of unemployment casualties. If you filed for unemployment benefits after losing your job, or seeing your work hours decreased — and then had your benefits application denied — our dedicated California law firm can help you.

California’s Unemployment Compensation law provides benefits for most employees who are terminated from their employment. Unemployment Compensation benefits can be denied only in limited circumstances such as when the employee is terminated for actual ‘misconduct’ as narrowly defined by the statute or where the employee voluntarily quits work without good cause attributable to the employer. Employees who file for Unemployment Compensation benefits and are denied their claims can appeal the decision.

Often employers contest Unemployment Compensation benefits in circumstances where the employee is in fact entitled to benefits. These benefits are intended to be a safety net, and are not denied based upon mere poor work performance.

Sacramento Unemployment Benefits Attorney

In order to demonstrate your eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits, you need to show a certain level of recent work history, indicate your ability and willingness to take a new job, and demonstrate that you’re unemployed through no fault of your own. The California Employment Development Department (EDD) will give your former employer the chance to oppose your application, and many employees discover for the first time during the unemployment insurance process that they were terminated for cause. This will usually result in initial denial of your claim, but you’ll have the right to appeal.

If you have been unfairly denied of your unemployment benefits, or are an employer being challenged, contact an experienced unemployment compensation attorney in Sacramento at the Law Office of Bowman and Associates, APC to schedule your Free Initial Consultation today.